Friday, June 19, 2009

Swim Class

Okay, I'm terrible at updating. And now, I've joined the cult and joined Facebook, so it's even harder for me to keep both updated! I have many things to catch up on, but swim classes is the most recent.

We missed the first two days of the week, so we only got to go three days instead of five, but the kids did great! Tristan was a rock star and was floating well and putting her face in the water. Preston on the other hand is a little more literal! He was blowing bubbles great, but when the teacher would ask him if he could get his eyes wet too, he would just splash water on his face instead of putting his face in the water! Oh well, maybe next year!
Check out Tristan's racoon eyes! As I was doing laundry today she came in and said, "How do my eyelashes look?" They looked great but she also had a black smudge on her nose. So I said, "They are long and beautiful as always. Did you put on mascara?" She admitted it, and we talked about how she did a very nice job, but she needs to ask about using it in the future!

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